Who Dares, Wins

We humans are creatures of habit. Not least – or perhaps above all – when it comes to our vacations. According to a recent survey, 81% of Swiss people always spend their favourite time of the year in the same place. It would be worth your while to dare do something different, and you will find inspiration for exactly that with our customer Edelweiss. This vacation airline is adding three exciting dream destinations to its flight schedule this month – Colombo, Buenos Aires and Ho Chi Minh. We’ve been given the opportunity to send off the three first flights with great gate events at Zurich Airport.

Edelweiss CEO Bernd Bauer beim Kuchenanschnitt
© Christian Dancker

Wikipedia defines the word “habit” as “a routine of behaviour that is repeated regularly and tends to occur subconsciously”. But habits are not at all always bad – on the contrary, around 30% to 50% of our daily actions are determined by habits, and that’s a good thing. Imagine having to wonder every morning how to use your brand-new, uber-cool coffee machine or what delicious new breakfast to make. The day would be over before you’ve changed your outfit seven times so that you look like an Instagram account with the latest trends.

But still, bad habits sneak in just as much as good ones. Your brain does not distinguish between bad and good habits – once a behaviour has been established, it’s very hard to change it. Even if you don’t have unhealthy habits like smoking, brain research shows that rigid habits of thinking and behaviour are harmful – to creativity, for example, and to concentration. That is because we don’t pay attention to anything that happens automatically.

And there are some things that are simply better with a bit of mindfulness. Mindless eating? What a pity someone made an effort preparing the meal. Mindless sex? Why bother. Mindless vacation? It might sound strange, but that does happen – for the majority of Swiss people, in fact.

Gate Event Colombo
© Christian Dancker

According to a survey by 20Minuten and gfs Bern, 81% of the population always spend their holiday in the same way: once a year during the summer holidays, two to three weeks, in the sun on the beach. And there’s nothing wrong with that. But to replace the daily grind with a holiday routine is certainly not exactly conducive to creativity, even if you manage to rest and recuperate quite well.

Why not try something new and sharpen your senses. We have three suggestions for your next vacation:

Colombo: Sri Lanka is a diverse natural paradise. The real jungle is only a stone’s throw away from the urban jungle of the capital city. And anyone who has ever reminisced about touching an elephant over a cup of Ceylon tea they’ve brought back knows how good it is to discover new things.

Buenos Aires: Tango and tapas! And a hearty steak with a glass of red wine. This is Argentina. Have you ever dreamt about driving along the beach and seeing penguins? Go on, just do it!

Ho Chi Minh: It sounds exotic, because it is exotic. The former Saigon is a feast for all the senses. Loud and quiet, sweet and sharp, wild and calm. If you want everything and a little more, Vietnam is just what you’re looking for.

Edelweiss Flight Attendants beim Abflug
© Christian Dancker

And just as a matter of interest, the gate events that we organise for Edelweiss at the gate at Zurich Airport to celebrate every new voyage are never a habit. For instance, before the flight to Sri Lanka, fresh coconuts were served and you could learn how to tie a traditional sari. Before taking off for Buenos Aires, tango dancers created a South American atmosphere at the airport. And before the first plane took off for Vietnam on 15 November, you will not only be sampling local treats, but also see a demonstration of the martial arts form of Qwan Ki Do.

Take off to new worlds – you won’t regret it.