From the “Snow-Deal” to the snow dealer: how to get publicity with a sense of humor


On behalf of Engadin St. Moritz Tourismus AG our FBC team conceived and implemented a campaign video in which the Swiss comedian Kiko caused a sensation as a snow dealer in Zurich. He asked pedestrians on the streets if they wanted to buy “the best snow” from the Upper Engadine. As storytelling experts, we wanted to showcase how the dynamic pricing model from Engadine can be made more approachable with a sense of humor.

Sometimes you have to use different ways to resell a trusted product like snow. The core message of the dynamic pricing model “Snow-Deal” from Engadine is simple: those who book early will benefit! But how do you get urbanites to think early on about their ski vacation and make them engage with the new online booking system for ski vacation?

As storytelling experts, we came up with a brilliant idea: If the city dwellers don’t want to think about winter yet, we will simply bring the snow from Engadine to them. By using an unconventional PR activation, we were able to make the topic of the “Snow-Deal” more memorable. As a storytelling agency, we surely know one thing: sometimes it only needs a small pinch of salt to spice up a topic. Playing with clichés is only one trick that we like to make use of.

«Pssst… In need of snow?»

A passerby turns around in surprise when someone taps him on the shoulder. A guy, all dressed in black, asks if he wants snow. He claims to have the best Snow Deal. Ambiguous? Of course! But the whole idea had a harmless background, as it turned out after the first astonished reactions. Because it was real snow – from the Engadine. It was in a funny and questionable way that the comedian Kiko from Eastern Switzerland tried to sell snow to Zurich’s stunned people – completely legal, online and even cheaper. Hidden cameras accompanied the PR gag:

Hitting the nerve of time

The campaign caused a lot of laughs and thanks to our thought-out PR measures, it appeared both in online and offline media. Even the industry portal persönlich reported about our PR gag. At 20 Minuten Online, the video ran exclusively the evening before the official release and was shared 143 times. Underneath the video, a survey reveals whether the viewers found the campaign funny or not: 48% said yes, 46% said no.

Polarize with clichés

As you can see, playing with clichés doesn’t always meet with approval. But in the media world this is not always negative. What polarizes will be remembered. And a story filled with good ideas gets attention by the media. The TV show Top Talk on TeleTop even broadcasted the complete campaign video. Pretty much like a commercial for free.

With Kiko as a snow dealer, the “Snow-Deal” receives a new dynamic, just in time for the onset of winter. Besides providing the town dwellers with a unique conversation topic, the snow dealer now also informed them how to get cheap ski tickets for the Upper Engadine – thanks to storytelling.

Snow dealer Kiko caused a sensation in Zurich. © Christian Dancker