5 tips for communicating during a crisis


The current crisis situation confronts companies, SMEs and entrepreneurs with many challenges. Our PR agency receives many questions about communication: What should I communicate at the moment? How do I reach my customers? And should I communicate anything at all? Here are our five tips on how to communicate in a crisis and even use it as an opportunity.

1. Survival strategy: communicate now

During a crisis, the situation changes daily. The rule here is: never make the mistake of staying silent out of fear. After all, there is uncertainty among customers too which must be cleared up. Honest and regular communication is particularly important now. The first measure should be to list the effects of the crisis and to review and adjust the current messages and communication activities: Are the current advertising slogans still acceptable? Are your opening hours on the website, Google and CO. still correct? Do you expect logistical delays or even closures? If you keep your customers up to date, there is no room for speculation and your company remains present in their minds.

2. You’ll never walk alone: Strengthen trust

Continuous communication also strengthens customer confidence in the company. Because in turbulent times, customers need a lot of empathy, compassion and understanding. Now is the time to offer solutions, to be accommodating and perhaps even to surprise the customers with a discount. This creates additional touchpoints that can contribute to the company’s profit. Help can be offered via a website, a delivery service or a hotline. Very important: customers should never be left alone. In times of physical distance, build up virtual closeness with small courtesies.

Richtig Kommunizieren

3. Keep smiling: Customers want to be entertained

Even if it is difficult, it is important to radiate optimism and stay positive. There are enough bad news, people want to smile and feel motivated. Try new creative approaches on social media. The simplest form: Funny content in the form of employees working from home. And even better: Create incentives for the time after Corona. For example, an offer to satisfy the growing wanderlust can already be created now and be redeemed after the crisis. 

4. Unlimited possibilities: Use digital forms of communication

It’s a good thing we’re living in 2020. After all, our time offers the best conditions for a lockdown – almost anything can be moved online. If you haven’t dealt with digitalization and new forms of communication so far, you are now forced to do so: Live streams, webinars, podcasts, marketing cloud solutions – there are numerous possibilities for virtual communication. Make use of the situation and try something new! Ferris Bühler has already produced two live webinars on communication in times of crisis and has successfully attracted the attention of new customers. 

5. With creativity to success: Let others inspire you

Some of our customers gave great examples on how to communicate during the crisis. The largest Swiss car rental company, Hertz, has launched a solidarity campaign and made 1’000 vehicles available at cost price, thus ensuring the mobility of all helpers. Numerous media such as Travelnews covered the solidarity campaign. Our customer TheCasualLounge reacted to the rapid increase in female members on its dating platform by offering a 50% member discount and thus attracting media attention. Get inspired and dare to follow these great examples!

With these five tips, you can not only master the crisis communicatively, but also get closer to your customers – and maybe even get to know them a little better.