20 FBC highlights from 2020


Many things were different in 2020. It was a special year that also presented us at FBC with challenges: Festivals were postponed, events and trips were only possible to a limited extent and many of our clients had to cancel their projects. But crises also bring opportunities! We actively supported our clients and encouraged them to break new ground with their projects and their communication. Here are our 20 highlights from 2020:

1. FBC on air: New service podcast production

We are particularly proud that we were able to expand our services in 2020 and now have our own podcast, StoryRadar. Every week we are bringing you the latest from the world of storytelling, PR and media – from Ferris and Larissa themselves, or in combination with exciting guests. But that’s not all: Since we produce StoryRadar in our in-house podcast studio, we have also been offering this service to our clients since autumn. Curious? Then read more in the Horizont article or listen to an episode right now: StoryRadar is available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts.

2. Guerrilla Marketing? But please with Bond, James Bond

This year we have shown once again: A good idea at the right time can achieve great things! For our client, La Val Hotel & Spa, we used guerrilla marketing and the current Corona theme to produce two videos with the world’s most famous agent. We sent the Swiss Daniel Craig lookalike Martin Langanke to Brigels to the safest Corona hideaway hotel and hit the mark twice with our video ideas: SRF, Tele Top, 20 Minuten, Blick, Schweizer Illustrierte, Nau, Persönlich and also international media reported on our two campaign videos.


3. The world’s highest whisky distillery

In October, the world’s highest whisky distillery opened on Corvatsch 3303. High in the mountains, the Swiss whisky manufacturer ORMA brings visitors closer to the liquid gold with unique experiences. Since we are in our element in the mountains, we not only put on a Corona-compliant media event, but also got media such as Nau, blue News, the Aargauer and the Luzerner Zeitung excited about the work of ORMA’s two whisky visionaries, Rinaldo Willy and Pascal Mittner. Find out how the two want to turn Switzerland into a whisky nation in the RTR TV report

4. Welcome Anastasiia & Katharina

2020 has brought us two new power women: Anastasiia and Katharina bring a breath of fresh air to our team! Since we continue to expand our team even in challenging times, our clients can look forward to a double load of additional know-how. Whether it’s online marketing or creative strategies – the two ladies have a lot to offer. You can find out exactly what they do on our About website

5. Immers yourself in the world of glaciers

On behalf of the Graubündner Kantonalbank we were allowed to accompany a project with PR and media work that is particularly close to our hearts: The opening of the VR Glacier Experience at the Diavolezza station – the first VR glacier experience in the world. Since 10 October, the infocentre has been taking visitors on a virtual time travel through the world of glaciers – SRF Schweiz Aktuell has already tested it.

6. Outdoor action with traser

Content is key! This year we also convinced our long-standing client traser of this fact. Professional images and gripping videos are not only helpful when placing media stories, they are also sought-after assets. In order to present the new watches in the best possible light, we travelled to the Bernese Oberland and not only dived through Lake Arnen for the new diving watch P67 SuperSub, but also hiked over the Wasserngrat for the P68 Pathfinder GMT. A day of shooting with plenty of action and a view almost as beautiful as the final result!


7. And action! Storyboard creation for the cinema

Although we are mostly behind the camera as content production experts, we are occasionally seen in cinema trailers. This was the case at the end of the year, when Larissa and Céline not only created the storyboards for new cinema trailers for the start of the Raiffeisen Super League for our long-standing client blue (formerly Teleclub) and supervised the shoot, but also took part as extras without further ado. Can you spot them?

8. Influencer 1×1 with Michèle Krüsi

Our popular FBC Academy has long been an integral part of our agency’s daily routine. Whether we pass on our accumulated know-how internally or invite exciting experts to join us: At FBC, we never stop learning. This year, our former team member Ennie and Michèle Krüsi from thefashionfraction introduced us to the world of influencers, so that we can also optimally advise our clients on the topics of influencer marketing and social media.

9. From Blue Moon to Post-Disaster Sex

Media work for our client TheCasualLounge is guaranteed never boring. This year, too, we used current events to our advantage and achieved a great media echo with simple stories. Not only SI, 20 Minuten and FM1 Today were on fire for our storylines about post-disaster sex in times of Corona and the increasing number of wild nights during the Blue Moon. 

10. Baden is becoming a spa town again – and we’re helping it happen

In late autumn 2021, Baden will finally have its own thermal bath again. As our agency is located in the heart of Baden, we are especially pleased that we were allowed to reveal the long-kept secret of the new name already this year – and that we were able to use both our event management skills and our content production know-how in the context of the media conference. The media conference for the new wellbeing spa was attended not only by regional and national media, but also by regional political celebrities. You can find out what the spa will be called in the teaser video we produced. We are already looking forward to placing stories about the new spa and the construction site in the historic spa district in the media in the months leading up to the opening.


11. He reads faces like books

We are always happy to accompany interesting personalities, such as wildlife photographer Christoph Tänzer or director and producer Tino Andrea Honegger, on the way to realising their dream. In 2020, we were also able to support an exciting expert with the marketing of his new book “Ich lese dich” in the DACH region: Face Reader Eric Standop. His special vocation not only aroused our interest: Besides an appearance in taff, we arranged interviews with Blick, blue News and Nau, among others. Would you like to learn how to read faces and find out what makes the person you’re talking to tick? Then listen to our podcast episode with Eric at StoryRadar.

12. A new kind of festival is born: Sunrise Skylights

This year the organisers of the Sunrise Skylight Drive-In Openair took a courageous path with us despite the crisis: With the first Swiss car open-air concert, they saved the dreary festival summer of 2020. A premiere for which we were only too happy to take on the PR and media work and invite the media to safely join in the celebrations. For all those who can’t quite imagine a concert in their own car, here’s the video!

13. Open restaurants despite Corona: Lunchgate provides solutions

The Corona virus is also constantly posing new challenges for Swiss restaurants – solutions are needed. This was the chance for online reservation systems, which we seized together with our new customer Lunchgate. Throughout the year, we placed the Zurich start-up and its digital solutions in the media. We were able to send the Lunchgate founders on talk shows and other media such as 20 Minuten and Blick reported on their innovative tool for Swiss catering businesses – and we all benefited from restaurants that remained open.

14. FBC Happiness: It’s all about the team

We also spent a lot of time in the home office this year. We enjoyed our team trips all the more! For example, our in-house Happiness team Lisa and Christine took us on a walk to the Badener Ruine Stein, on a hike with vinegar tasting, a pedalo party on Lake Zurich and a Corona-style Christmas dinner – thank you team!

FBC Weihnachten
We also proved our team spirit at our Christmas dinner – at a joint dumpling workshop. We love our team!


15. A sandwich conquers the internet

Our culinary highlight in 2020 was a sandwich that went viral: In November, we had the privilege of supporting the opening of the first Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen restaurant in Switzerland with PR and media work, and we ran numerous media reports. Some of us also had a small appearance as actors in the Gourmet Challenge video with Meta Hiltebrand. Who discovers our team members?

16. Podcast 2.0: Road to Success Mira

In addition to launching our own podcast StoryRadar, we also co-produced the new podcast “Road to Success” by presenter and influencer Mirjana Zuber. In addition, we diligently placed the Positive Mindset and Inspiration podcast in the media. Read more about the exciting guests and content in the article on Horizont.

17. Making the most of current trends: Women conquer the hunt

We got our client SWAROVSKI OPTIK talking this year by putting a current and also controversial topic – hunting and the new hunting law – in a positive light: Based on newly published figures from the FOPH confirming that more and more women are interested in hunting, we wrote a media release and placed interviews with Swiss female hunters in national media such as Nau, thus integrating our client into the coverage as part of a current trend.

18. PR stunt “Actors wanted”

PR stunts are one of our great strengths for a reason. After the successful prank video with comedian Kiko, we did another content production with hidden camera for the opening of the new film acting school Zurich FilmZ. The PR stunt involving an ominous banker was also very well received by the Zurich regional media.


19. World Championships for once digital: DCL as guest in Rapperswil

What is more exciting than a world championship? All the more reason for us to be happy when we were able to accompany the final races of the Drone Champions League 2020 with PR and media work for Rapperswil Zürichsee Tourismus. Because due to the Coronavirus, the best pilots in the world chased their drones virtually over the Rapperswil castle hill for the first time this year. Read more about the digital spectacle in Nau‘s report. 

20. Lots of know-how: PR seminars 2020

And finally, once again on our own behalf: good stories were more in demand than ever this year. How do I communicate in times of crisis? And how do I make it into the media despite a pandemic? At our PR seminars in spring and autumn, Ferris, together with exciting co-presenters such as radio and TV journalist Corinne Wacker, passed on valuable know-how in storytelling, content production and media relations. For all those who missed it: The feedback from the participants in the video shows that the next seminar in May 2021 is worth attending. You can secure your place here!

Whatever projects you are planning for 2021, we will be there for you again next year with fresh ideas and are already excited about the 21 highlights we will create with you. Until then, we wish you a Merry Christmas and lots of love and, above all, health as you move into the next year!

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year, your FBC team.