19 Highlights from 2019


We have done it again. The storytelling agency Ferris Bühler Communications provided creative ideas, produced original content and told unforgettable stories. This is our top 19 from 2019:

1. Snow dealer Kiko sells snow in Zurich city

How would you react if someone wants to sell you snow in Zurich? On behalf of our client Engadin St. Moritz, we collaborated with the comedian Kiko. He went on the streets of Zurich as a “snow dealer”. Don’t worry, this was real snow from the Engadine mountain region. With this PR stunt we drew attention to the dynamic pricing model called “Snow Deal”. The polarizing video attracted the media’s attention and appeared among others in 20 Minuten.


2. Drawing attention to the “Weltschaufeltag”

Make a mountain out of a molehill? We know how to do that – in a good sense! In order to promote our client Engadin St. Moritz Mountains and the fact that their mountains were still covered in snow in spring (while the cities suffered from a heat wave), we used the “Weltschaufeltag” (“World Shovel Day”) to create a media buzz. This special day is held by the mountain railways to shovel the last snow off the mountains. We requested a few smartphone pictures, wrote a short media release and successfully made it into different magazines and newspapers. Until then it was unknown to most people that the last snow in spring is shoveled away from the bike trails by a mutual collaboration of the mountain railways themselves. BLICK, bluewin, Nau and even the German TV channel ARD now know better.

3. Media trip with Hertz & Air Zermatt

Fly around the Matterhorn by helicopter, land directly on the slopes and spend a wonderful day of skiing – a normal working day at FBC. For our client Hertz, we tested a new weekend package developed in collaboration with Air Zermatt with a group of journalists. Get a glimpse of our day in this video.

4. Media hype around the Valmann Café

With the Valmann Café, we demonstrated how to promote one out of 200 bars in the heart of Zurich. Patrizia Yanguela, influencer and Latin star, took over the in-place together with her husband: 20 Minuten, Top Talk, TeleZüri Lifestyle and other media received the love story behind the new Valmann Café very well, thanks to our storytelling.

5. Biking with Wendy Holdener and Nico Caprez

Mountain biking is now part of our skills too – even if we can’t keep up with ski racer Wendy Holdener and her boyfriend Nico Caprez. For Engadin St. Moritz Mountains we accompanied the couple onto the biking trails of the Corviglia, accompanied by the Schweizer Illustrierte and SRF Glanz & Gloria.

Content Production on Corviglia with Wendy Holdener. © Joseph Khakshouri


6. Criterion – a new type of fair

Fairs do not have an easy time to make it into media – especially not if there are five happening in one month. Criterion, a new festival for doers, made it into the hearts of journalists, thanks to our creative storylines. The result: Almost 60 media articles, including in the Tages-Anzeiger, 20 Minuten, SRF radio, SI Style or Annabelle.

7. Food trip in the Engadine

We carried out a slightly different type of media trip for the Engadine mountain railways this year. During our Food FAM we encouraged the media to discover the culinary diversity of the Engadine beyond the ski slopes. The stories in 20 Minuten and in the Migros-Magazin literally make the reader’s mouth water.

8. Edelweiss media trips to Argentina and Florida

With highlight No. 8, we have certainly made some of you jealous: For our client Edelweiss we were again out and about in 2019. We flew to Florida and Argentina with selected journalists, where we diligently produced photo and video content whilst water skiing, glacier trekking and tango dancing.

9. New Edelweiss Inflight Product

For the launch of the new catering and service concept of Edelweiss, we took over the PR work and produced content in three countries. We went on a culinary discovery in Switzerland, the Dominican Republic and South Africa and experienced the origin and stories of the new local onboard menus.


10. Parliamentary elections are sexy

Public Relations for our client TheCasualLounge is mostly exciting and scandalous. Through a survey on the sexiness of the current election candidates amongst the platform’s users, we proved that parliamentary elections can also be sexy.

Using current political issues in order to get media coverage is definitely a slightly different way of PR. Bärner Bär, Radio 1, Radio Top and many other media were hooked.

11. On the road with Melanie Winiger in Costa Rica

Our second SI cover story this year: Melanie Winiger discovers the heavenly Costa Rica, together with her husband Reto. Content production with a celebrity in the jungle – not a problem for us! This particular trip offered so many stories that we were also able to publish follow-up stories in the Glückspost, the Coop newspaper and travelnews.


12. Denver Beer Yoga at Zurich’s main train station

Yoga and beer – how does this go together? Quite simple: In Denver, beer yoga is already some kind of a national sport. During our PR stunt at Zurich’s main train station, also Switzerland was able to enjoy the drinking sport for the first time. Those who want more of it should take the next Edelweiss nonstop flight to Denver and discover the city and activities themselves.

13. High Performance with Swarovski Optik

A pitch is part of the everyday life for a PR agency: Working on unusual ideas until late at night to inspire a new customer. This is exactly what we successfully did for Swarovski Optik. In 2019, we were able to give our new customer a great start into the Swiss media landscape with numerous media coverage including the “SonntagsZeitung”, “20 Minuten” and the “Schweizer Familie”.

14. Christoph Tänzer’s impact on the media

There are many wildlife photographers. But there is no one who works like our client Christoph Tänzer. Not only did the wildlife photographer inspire us but he also created quite a buzz in the media. Why? You can find out on bluewin, the St. Galler Nachrichten and many other media. The BMQ magazine even awarded him as “Photographer of the Year”.

15. A Musical’s takeoff

It’s rare for media to report already half a year before the premiere of a musical. However, for “The lion who can’t write they made an exception. Through creative storytelling about the performers Jesse Ritch, Ronja Borer, Lucas Fischer and many more, we transformed the project of our client Tino Andrea Honegger into a real media highlight – BLICK, the Glückspost and the Schweizer Illustrierte covered the musical.

Shooting with Nina Buri and the other Löwen-Musical actors. © Thomas Buchwalder

16. Career fair attracts media

Poultry specialist, gunsmith and sailor: You can’t picture these professions? Several media felt the same. For the careers fair (“Berufsmesse”), we digged into the box of the most odd professions and showed how PR about a fair is successfully done. Find more details in the Aargauer Zeitung.

17. Bernina Diavolezza Express Opening Event

Since this year, the Bernina Express from the Rhaetian Railway also stops at the Diavolezza mountain. During the opening event we demonstrated our event management skills for our client Diavolezza Lagalb AG. Together with journalists from the Südostschweiz, Cosmopolitan Schweiz, Glückspost, Südkurier & Co. we were – for once – on the road by train.

18. FBC’s day off party

Yes, we had fun at our office party! True to the motto “Ferris Bühler’s Day Off” we skipped work together with our clients. For those who couldn’t be there and for those who would like to review the party: Here’s the ultimate Aftermovie.

19. PR seminar

And finally a shameless plug: good stories are needed more than ever. During our PR seminar last autumn, Ferris revealed some of our secrets around PR, content production and media work. The feedback from the participants in the video shows how beneficial it is to participate in our next PR seminar in May 2020!

Starting in January 2020, our blog will appear in a new format – stay tuned!