The Vitogaz Switzerland AG is the leading supplier of liquid gas in Switzerland. Since 2010 we have been supporting our customers with various PR measures, content production and event management.

Winter Barbecue

Vitogaz is a sponsor of the king of swingers Matthias Glarner. In November 2016, Vitogaz produced a “King’s Bottle”, a 10-kilogram steel bottle with a special print for the King of Wrestling. For the launch of the “King’s Bottle”, we took over the event management of the “Winter Barbecue” in December 2016, an event in Matthias Glarner’s home town of Hasliberg.

Under the direction of grill master Andreas Stüssi, Matthias Glarner competed against his girlfriend Claudia in the barbecue. However, they grilled rather unusual winter menus – from starter to dessert. The barbecue was followed by the official christening of the “King’s Bottle”, which was hosted by TV presenter Nicole Berchtold. The familiarity and popularity of Matthias Glarner and presenter Nicole Berchtold further increased media interest in the unusual event and led to broad national coverage.

Eventmanagement Wintergrillen Vitogaz
Matthias Glarner competed against his girlfriend Claudia at the Vitogaz Winter Barbecue. © Karl-Heinz Hug


“Dr Chönig am Grill”

What could be better than a barbecue all year round? Because you can’t just throw steak, sausage and co. on the grill. The possibilities are almost limitless. However, you often lack the ideas when grilling every day. That’s why we let Matthias Glarner, the King of Swingers and Vitogaz testimonial, reveal his favourite barbecue recipes to selected media. You could simply “re-grill” them at home. We also prepared the resulting content for the Vitogaz newsletter, website and Facebook page. This content production lasted a whole year and provided the Vitogaz community with various ideas and inspirations for exciting barbecue menus.

Content Produktion Grillrezepte des Chönig am Grill Vitogaz
One of the favorite recipes of the “Chönig am Grill”: veal cutlet.


Swiss Barbecue Games

In Switzerland, barbecuing is so popular that this leisure activity can almost be described as a federal popular sport. Against this background we organised the Swiss Barbecue Games in 2010 and 2011. The competition brought together various disciplines such as skill, creativity and knowledge. The events took place at various campsites and public places throughout German-speaking Switzerland. Prominent personalities supported the participating groups to gain additional media attention.

Eventmanagement Schweizer Grillspiele Vitogaz VIP-Team
At the Swiss Barbecue Games, the VIP team showed his love for Swiss sausages.