ICT Costa Rica


In September 2019, we conducted a special trip on behalf of two of our clients: the tourism authority ICT Costa Rica and Edelweiss. In our “luggage” we had Swiss acting star Melanie Winiger and her husband Reto Ardour as well as a team from “Schweizer Illustrierte”, the biggest people magazine in Switzerland. The outcome of this VIP media trip: a cover story and a second story in the print edition of “SI”, a big story on their online channel, as well as other media stories with different storytelling in various Swiss magazines like for example Glückspost and on online platforms like Travelnews.

Needless to say, we also used a dream destination for an unforgettable content production. The end result was a content video for the YouTube channel of Edelweiss as well as various social media content, both on the channels of the VIPs and the clients. A journey, diverse output on countless channels – media work including content production could hardly be more productive and efficient.