Since 2012 we have been supporting Switzerland’s leading leisure travel airline Edelweiss Air in all PR matters. Since then, we have been able to place countless stories in national and international media, thanks to content production, events and various PR activities for destinations, products and corporate topics.

Cristo on the Uetliberg

For the launch of the new nonstop flight to Rio de Janeiro in April 2016, we brought its landmark – the Cristo Redentor – to Zurich. The objective was to support this first flight through a media-effective PR stunt that would draw the public’s attention to the new destination. And when you think of Rio de Janeiro, you think of Cristo Redentor – the 30-meter-high statue of Christ the Redeemer that presides over the city. That is why, in the run-up to the first flight, we installed a 10-meter-high replica of Cristo on Zurich’s local mountain Uetliberg to show that Rio is closer than ever!

In order to celebrate the inauguration of Zurich’s Cristo, we also organized a Festa Brasileira on the Uetliberg. The B2B event took the guests from travel trade and media onto a journey to the Brazilian city, with samba sounds and caipirinha. But the Swiss Cristo also made a lot of noise outside of the industry. The statue quickly became the talk of the town and we achieved international coverage, too. The statue created a positive image for Edelweiss, as the countless selfies and posts with the famous Cristo helped to activate the brand’s community.

Aircraft naming concept

In 2015, Edelweiss was looking for new names for their aircrafts. We were responsible for the concept and implementation of the new aircraft naming concept. We also ensured that the new concept appeared on all communication platforms of Edelweiss. The basic idea of our unique naming concept was to name the planes after Swiss regions in which the Edelweiss flower grows. With this idea, each aircraft was also given a partner region, which could add value to the communication activities.

To round off the story, we placed Edelweiss benches, shaped as airplane seats, in each of the partner regions and installed signposts which point out the holiday destinations of Edelweiss. The aircraft baptisms and the inaugurations of the benches are regularly celebrated with media events. Since 2015, we therefore have been able to reach media coverage in all parts of Switzerland and emphasized the ties of Edelweiss to its home country.

Switzerland’s most beautiful views

In 2018, we expanded our Edelweiss naming concept: We wanted to use the aircraft benches in the partner regions and the positive feedback for the corporate communication of Edelweiss. We thus created a landing page on the Edelweiss website and presented Switzerland’s most beautiful views.

We filled the landing page with text, photo and video content from our bench inaugurations to give website visitors advice and inspiration for their next hiking trip in Switzerland. In that way, the naming concept became a topic on all Edelweiss channels. In addition to the website, one can also find content about the partner regions and their most beautiful views on the airline’s social media channels and in the Edelweiss onboard magazine “Travel Magazine”.

Media and content trips

We have been organizing media trips to Edelweiss holiday destinations since 2012. In cooperation with the local tourism authorities, we familiarize selected media with Edelweiss destinations and use the media coverage to inspire the general public to travel.

We strive to make our trips very individual, emotional and active – after all, we want to ensure that the journalists experience unforgettable holidays thanks to Edelweiss and local partners.

Well-known Swiss personalities who have a connection to the respective destination often accompany us on these trips. In addition to the organization and supervision of the media trips, we also produce various content for non-participating media, tourism partners and Edelweiss communication channels. As a result, we proudly achieve media coverage about the Edelweiss destinations in national and international media.

First flight events

Even when it comes to event management, we can support Edelweiss regularly. As soon as a new destination is announced in the route network, we start planning a PR event around it. We call these events “first flight events”. In consultation with Edelweiss and Zurich Airport, we transform the departure gate of the first flight into an adventure world. Delicious food from the destinations, dancers or musicians and all kinds of interactive games are awaiting the passengers and media in order to get them into the holiday spirit. We accompany each of the events with PR work and produce a storytelling video with the representatives of Edelweiss and the respective tourism authorities. In addition, we feed the Edelweiss social media channels with inspiring content.