In 2017, BRICKLIVE, the world’s largest show for Lego fans, made its first appearance in Basel. Both at its premiere and one year later, we took care of the media work for the exciting exhibition, which was integrated into muba for both years. To generate attention for BRICKLIVE in the forefront, both from the public and the media, we organised several PR stunts with media impact in addition to classic media work.

Easter campaign

In advance of the first BRICKLIVE 2017, we hid XL lego stones instead of eggs in five Swiss cities in an Easter search campaign. The lucky finders won entry tickets for the BRICKLIVE and Lego sets. Two celebrities were involved: Comedians Claudio Zuccolini and Marc Haller. We staged the two Lego fans in a media-effective way using content production and placed the photos in the press. Through the hiding action in the forefront of the exhibition, we were able to achieve a high media presence in both national and regional media and to mobilize the potential BRICKLIVE audience.

Marc Haller und Claudio Zuccolini suchen Verstecke für LEGO Steine
The Swiss comedians Marc Haller and Claudio Zuccolini are looking for hiding places for the XL Lego bricks.


Celebrity Lego Battle

Both at the opening of BRICKLIVE in 2017 and in 2018 we created a special battle: Lego-enthusiastic Swiss celebrities competed against real Lego champions and completed various challenges around the colorful bricks. In the first year, professional cyclist Franco Marvulli and musician Ritschi competed against four special kids. The 11 to 14-year-olds were the reigning European champions in the First Lego League. In the second year, comedian Claudio Zuccolini competed against Lego King Andreas Kunz, head of Switzerland’s largest Lego club and owner of well over 1.5 tons of Lego bricks – surprisingly, Claudio Zuccolini was able to beat the professional and won the duel. 

Both PR stunts attracted great media interest and resulted in widespread media coverage. Due to the different topics – from celebrities, children and European champions to the Lego myth itself – there was something for all media. We were pleased about media presence in local, regional and national media. Whether people magazine, news portal or background page, whether print medium, radio or TV – we sparked Lego fever in all of them! 

LEGO Sammler Andreas Kunz, Comedian Claudio Zuccolini
Lego collector Andreas Kunz and Swiss comedian Claudio Zuccolini with the winning Lego Tower. © Lea Moser