Engadin St. Moritz Mountains


Since the beginning of 2019 we have been supporting Engadin St. Moritz Mountains AG as a storytelling and content agency. We constantly supply the media with all important information about the winter and summer season as well as the wide range of offers in the Upper Engadine. With PR stunts and events, we ensure additional media attention at specific times. 

On the track with Wendy Holdener

In order to position Corviglia more prominently as a summer bike hotspot and to highlight the extensive range of mountain bikes on offer, we relied on our greatest strength: storytelling. We came up with a celebrity story that would definitely attract media interest: “On the track with Wendy Holdener” was born. We hired the Swiss ski racer Wendy Holdener, who had already won gold in the Alpine Combined World Championship at Corviglia 2017. For us she swapped her skis for a bike and tested the trails on the summer Corviglia together with her partner Nico Caprez. Our PR activities paid off: Both SRF and Schweizer Illustrierte published the story – in Schweizer Illustrierte we even got our client on the front page with this exclusive story.

Wendy Holdener mit Mountainbike in St- Moritz
Content production on two wheels: for our PR stunt we tested the mountainbike trails on Corviglia with the Swiss ski racer Wendy Holdener. © Joseph Khakshouri


Launch of the AR-App WINTEROLYMP

Digital experiences play an increasingly important role in the tourism industry. In times of digitalisation, it is important to keep up with the times and create interactive activities for visitors. In September 2019, the Engadine St. Moritz Mountains launched an augmented reality app called WINTEROLYMP and took a pioneering role in the field of digital experiences in tourism. We accompanied the launch event on the St. Moritz local mountain Corviglia with PR and event services. Regional and national media reported on the new AR app, enabling visitors to interact digitally with the past of the unique Swiss host of the Winter Olympics.

Beispielbild aus der AR-App
With the AR- app WINTEROLYMP visitors can interact with the history of the mountain.


From professional to professional: Jolanda Neff gives Wendy Holdener biking tips

After the successful biking story of 2019 with Wendy Holdener, we focused on a similar story element in 2020. Because sometimes it’s enough to tweak a few small screws to create a new, exciting set-up for the media. In order to generate renewed attention for the biking trails of the Engadine St. Moritz Mountains, Wendy Holdener was joined by a true mountain bike pro: Jolanda Neff, Swiss champion 2020. Together, the two Golden Girls created a high VIP factor. SRF Sportpanorama was also enthusiastic about the idea of accompanying the two top athletes on a biking lesson. The story also appeared in regional media such as the Engadiner Post, sports media such as Sport.ch and national media such as Schweizer Illustrierte. Wendy and Jolanda also obviously enjoyed our story and enjoyed the biking day and their first meeting, which was clearly visible on their social media channels. 

Content Produktion mit Yolanda und Wendy und ordentlich Action (c) Madlaina Walther
Content production with a lot of action: Yolanda showed Wendy the right technique for the biking trails of the Engadin St. Moritz Mountains. © Madlaina Walther