Visit Denver


Denver is hip, green, historic and popular – and one of America’s trendiest cities. No wonder that many Swiss people use the nonstop flight of our long-time customer Edelweiss and spend their holidays in the “Mile High City”. In order to further increase awareness of the capital of Colorado in Switzerland, we organized several unique PR stunts with our clients Denver International Airport and the Colorado Tourism Office.

Beer Yoga at Zurich main station

To promote the Edelweiss nonstop flight from Zurich to Denver and the holiday destination Denver, we planned a summer activation in February 2019 in Zurich, together with Denver International Airport and the Colorado Tourism Office.

Since Denver is known for its variety of beer breweries and activities, we created a creative PR stunt that perfectly combined these two things: the largest Beer Yoga Session in Switzerland to date, right in Zurich’s main train station. The unique character of our idea caused a national sensation. In order to promote the somewhat different yoga session, we produced a witty promotion on Radio Energy and placed event and reports in national and regional media. In the end, several hundred people took part in our Beer Yoga sessions. We also reached several thousand commuters via huge LED screens and a flyer campaign in Zurich main station.

At the event itself, we produced exciting videos and images, which we subsequently sent to the media and published on social media. With national reporting we increased the awareness level of the unique holiday destination and the interest of the Swiss population to visit the “Mile High City”.


Freedom Space at Zurich main station

Following the success of the “Beer Yoga Session” at Zurich main station, in March 2020 we organized another unique PR event for the travel destination Denver and its International Airport. This time, we simply brought Denver’s most exciting attractions to Zurich.

Being true storytellers, we created a playground called “Freedom space” in the station, filled with activities based on the history and highlights of Denver: a gold treasure hunt, an eight-meter high climbing tower inspired by the Rocky Mountains and an artistic platform – accompanied by shows of the famous Swiss Drag Queens Gossipa and Jeff van Phil. Our famous cowboy and former Mister Switzerland Tobias Rentsch helped the participants in finding the gold and helped us produce a funny radio promotion in advance. On site we produced entertaining video and photo content, too.

Kletter-Wettrennen am Zürich HB
Climbing competition in Visit Denver’s Freedom Space at Zurich HB in spring 2020.