With over 33 locations, Merbag is one of the largest Mercedes dealers in Switzerland. Since 2012, we have been able to carry out several exciting projects with the company. For the launch of new car models, for example, we initiated an unique PR stunt: a casting show on wheels to showcase the models in the best possible light. The Mercedes strategy has a strong international focus on fashion. We oriented ourselves to this concept and created the casting format “Fashion on Wheels”, in which model candidates presented designer fashion on the roofs of the new A-Class – mind you, while driving!

The best model was searched for and found over several runs. The winner could be happy about a performance at the Berlin Fashion Week. The concept was so successful that we repeated it in 2013 to launch a new Smart model. With this project we achieved national coverage during different stages of the casting until the final with the winner in Berlin. We also established strategic partnerships with various suitable companies for our client.