Terravigna is a Bernese family business with modern ideas in the wine market. For the opening of the first Terravigna wine shop in Berne, we staged a unique PR stunt that went through the media. So we staged a VIP wine delivery service with cycling professional and Terravigna customer Fabian Cancellara. He swapped his racing bike for a rickshaw. He used it to deliver wine to the door in Bern.

Thanks to the unique PR campaign with Fabian Cancellara, we achieved national coverage with media reports in major consumer media. As a further PR measure, we organised a pre-opening of the Terravigna Wine Shop with VIPs and invited guests in order to attract the attention of specialist media. With success: thanks to the PR stunt and the exclusive pre-opening, many trade media and gastronomy magazines reported on the new opening with the store’s special wines.

PR-Stunt Terravigna Weinshop in Bern
Terravigna VIP customer Fabian Cancellara in action as delivery man in Bern.