Engadin St. Moritz


In the summer of 2018 we accompanied the initial communication around the new dynamic pricing model of the Engadin St. Moritz Mountain Pool. For the 2018 winter season, the Upper Engadine introduced a pricing model for ski passes that is unique in the Alpine region. The so-called snow deal is primarily directed towards online and early bookers. We were able to support the tourism region and the Upper Engadine mountain railways with strategic communication around the new pricing model. Before the launch, we implemented various PR measures, a media event and several content productions. This enabled us to gently introduce the media to the innovation. As a result, the newly introduced Snow Deal attracted widespread coverage.

Launch of Snow-Deal with content productions

Complex pricing models are often difficult for consumers to understand. Since such texts about technical details are not very reader-friendly, our favorite approach came into play: Storytelling! Around the launch of the Snow-Deal we planned and implemented two content productions, which explained the advantages of the new pricing model in a simple way: 

  1. Since many people can better absorb and process visually prepared information, we had an explanatory video produced for the start of the 2018 season. The animated video explains the advantages and how the model works in a simple and straightforward way.
  2. In addition to the first, abstract explanation, we produced a “real life” example. In the second content production, we deliberately built a wink into the storyline so that consumers associate the price model with positive emotions. We created a classic everyday situation: a mother wants to go skiing with her adult son and book ski tickets early on to save money – the mother discovers the snow deal. The young man, however, has no idea how to find out about the new price model and, unlike his mummy, books his ticket only on the spot – for a higher price, of course: “Well, it’s better to book Mommy’s tickets!“

PR-Stunt Snow-Dealer

With the start of the 2019 winter season, the snow deal had to be brought to the attention of those consumers for whom winter was still a long time away. Therefore we planned a unique PR stunt including content production. For this we reached into our storytelling box of tricks and turned the Snow-Deal into the Snow-Dealer. As such, we hired the Swiss comedian Kiko, who caused a sensation in the city of Zurich: He asked pedestrians in public if they wanted to buy snow from him, because he would have the best deal. Of course, the goods on offer were real snow from the Engadin – but not everyone understood that immediately. We recorded the funny reactions with the help of hidden cameras. After the exclusive 20-minute release, the video was shared like crazy and aired on the TV show Tele Top-Talk.