The Züspa was the largest public exhibition in Zurich. From 2014 to 2018, we supported the traditional event in basic communication and continually supplied new ideas and concepts to make the fair attractive to the media and the public. We were also responsible for the content production for the annual Züspa newspaper.

Communication on the new concept

In 2016, the “new” Züspa opened its doors: Under the titles “Feel Good”, “Feel Swiss” and “Feel Stylish”, the exhibition was divided into three worlds of experience. From now on, the Züspa was to be positioned as a real experience fair, both in the media and with the public, but nevertheless, the familiar and popular things were also to have their place. We paid particular attention to this in the basic communication.

We anchored the three areas as worlds of experience in all our communications and highlighted highlights such as the special exhibition “Zurich by Night” or the choice of the most popular Zurich resident accordingly. Not only did “Zurich by Night” become a real crowd puller in this way, but we also achieved a large media presence for Züspa in general and were thus able to make the new concept known to the general public.

“I am Züri, I am Züspa” campaign

In the run-up to the 2018 exhibition, Züspa was looking for poster faces for the Züspa 2019 and we were given the task of designing, planning and implementing the unique “Züspa-Gsicht”-campaign before and during the exhibition. We developed a simple but effective concept in order to address all of the fair’s target groups: We looked for people who had a Zurich story or experience to tell under the slogan: “Ich bin Züri, ich bin Züspa”. Anyone between 5 and 90 years of age who lived in the canton of Zurich could take part. The only condition: Tell us what Zurich and the Züspa mean to you.

In order to publicise the campaign, we called for participation via the Züspa social media channels. We had our own visual produced and created our own landing page, which could be used to apply for the campaign. In addition to the content production for the entire social media campaign, we also supplied text, photo and video content for the landing page and checked all applicants before they went online.

PR-Massnahmen Kampagne Züspa-Gsicht 2019 (c) Ellin Anderegg
Together with the Züspa we were looking for the “Züspa-Gsicht 2019”. © Ellin Anderegg


Fair implementation “I am Züri, I am Züspa”

For this project, we were able to use all our branding and corporate design know-how to transform an area of the Züspa into a “Ich bin Züri, ich bin Züspa” world of experience. To this end, we designed a campaign logo and various graphic design elements, such as a back wall with a Züri skyline. We also designed various programme items and decorative pieces on the surface.

We shot a video with the finalists of the campaign shortly before the Züspa, which was shown in an endless loop on screens in the exhibition area. So that visitors to the exhibition could vote for their favourites, we carried out a photo shoot with the finalists and created megaposters with voting options. Last but not least, we were also able to demonstrate our moderation know-how and organised small talks with the finalists during the trade fair to introduce the applicants to the audience.