timeblock is the first, purely vegetable DNA activator in combination with anti-aging substances. The product originated from the interface between molecular biology and medicine. The product thus uses the compressed power of nature to naturally regulate mechanisms such as DNA and cell division in the body. Thus, the aging process can be positively influenced. Since its launch, we have been able to publicise this exciting product made in Switzerland through PR events and PR measures in the media.

Anti-Aging Roundtable

For the launch of timeblock in 2015, we organised an Anti-Aging Roundtable to which we invited all relevant media from the beauty, health, fitness and nutrition sectors. We took over the event management and the accompanying PR of the Anti-Aging Roundtable. At the event, we not only presented the product, but also created a topical hook with a presentation by Univ. Prof. Dr. Johannes Huber, communicating facts about current studies in the context of the biological aging process and the latest findings in the field of anti-aging. As a result, we were not only able to place various media reports on timeblock in Switzerland, Germany and Austria, but also won over selected media representatives to participate in a study on timeblock at the University of Vienna.

Professor Dr. Huber Timeblock
Professor Dr. Huber was also part of the Timeblock Anti-Aging Roundtable.


timeblock cosmetics

Additionally, timeblock 2019 has launched timeblock cosmetics. The basic idea of the product line is the same as for the capsules: Cell regeneration is stimulated and skin aging is decelerated. As an optimum, the use of nutrition and cosmetics in the sense of “Beauty and Youth inside out and outside in” is recommended. This type of cosmetics is considered the “New Generation of Cosmetics”. We are also allowed to take over the media work for this product line. We implemented various PR measures, such as a cooperation with selected influencers.