Bank Thalwil


Since the beginning of 2020, we have been consulting and supporting Bank Thalwil in communication matters such as public relations, internal communication, content production and crisis communication.

The bank, which operates predominantly on a regional basis, lives by the brand promise of “Die Bankwerker” and has thus combined a solid, down-to-earth and authentic character since 1841 with the goal of pursuing new and progressive paths. In order to ensure that these values are also integrated into the bank’s internal communications, we have developed a communications concept for Bank Thalwil, where fresh ideas and new formats are used. Instead of using dry messages, employees are updated throughout the year with the help of a video series. In addition, they are given the opportunity to address questions to the management, which are then collected in a video and published monthly. The continuous exchange of information promotes the exchange of information within Bank Thalwil and boosts the loyalty of its employees. Precise consultation and mutual trust between our client and us are essential in the production of video content as well as in crisis communication.

Öffentlichkeitsarbeit und Krisenkommunikation Bank Thalwil
From public relations to crisis communication: We advise and support Bank Thalwil in all communication matters.