TSW Musical AG has been successfully producing open-air musical productions on the Walensee-Bühne, an open-air stage at lake Walen. The Walensee-Bühne with its breathtaking natural scenery is considered the most beautiful lake stage in Switzerland. Since 2014 we have been responsible for the media work around the unique productions in Walenstadt and have already been able to implement countless PR measures.

Prominent guests on the Walensee-Bühne

In order to generate additional attention for the Walensee stage during the season, we have already been on the lookout several times for exciting prominent faces to take on guest roles. For example, the wrestler Daniel Bösch and ex-Miss-Switzerland Anita Buri appeared in TITANIC – DAS MUSICAL in 2015, comedian Claudio Zuccolini and presenter Monika Fasnacht entered a musical stage for the first time in 2017 for SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER, and in 2018 ex-Mister-Switzerland Jan Oliver Bühlmann made his debut as a musical performer and Casanova Gustav in DIE SCHÖNE UND DAS BIEST. 

Of course we accompanied the spectacular performances as well as the preparations of the celebrities photographically and made the produced content available to the media. As a result, we achieved extensive coverage every year in national, regional and local media. The additional public attention led to many curious visitors flocking to Walenstadt and for increased ticket sales.

Medienarbeit mit Jan Oliver Bühlmann als Gustav auf der Walensee-Bühne
Singer and ex-Mister-Switzerland Jan Oliver Bühlmann as the beautiful Gustav in DIE SCHÖNE UND DAS BIEST 2018 on the Walensee-Bühne.


Behavioral rules with Vujo

In addition to the basic communication, we put on a special PR stunt in 2014 together with Bachelor Vujo Gavric before the premiere of the musical MY FAIR LADY on the Walensee-Bühne: an etiquette course with the ex-Bachelor. The play revolved around the flower saleswoman Eliza Doolittle, who, despite her vulgar-obscene language, was to be educated to become a fine lady of British society. Together with the other actors, Vujo had to prove his manners and pass in front of an etiquette expert. The action was accompanied by photography and the produced content was made available to the media. Thanks to the national coverage in important people media we generated additional attention for the unique production on the Walensee-Bühne. 

PR-Stunt Walensee-Bühne: Benimm-Regeln-Training mit Vujo
Ex-Bachelor Vujo at the etiquette course on the Walensee-Bühne.