We have already had the opportunity to accompany several of Chiefs product launches with media work, including Chiefs Milk Protein, an innovative and incredibly delicious drink based on milk and whey protein, Chiefs Yogurt and Chiefs Protein-Shots. For the launch of the protein drink, we supported the client in the process of finding ambassadors and accompanied the launch with various PR activities and marketing measures.

In accordance with the brand, we asked various Swiss celebrities for an ambassador role at Chiefs. The selected ambassadors were then supported by us during the product shootings. We were able to place the resulting content in various media. At the Zurich Central Station and in the city of Bern, we were able to inspire commuters to enjoy a tasty, healthy drink with our large promotional and sampling campaign.

Medienarbeit und Marketingmassnahmen Chiefs
The prominent Chief ambassadors Breel Embolo, Claudia Lässer and Marco Streller.