Der Löwe, der nicht schreiben konnte


We met our client Tino Andrea Honegger via another client of ours, the Walensee-Bühne. While in 2017 he was still dancing as Tony Manero in Saturday Night Fever in Walenstadt, by 2020 he was already producing a promising new family musical at the Bernhard Theater Zurich: “The Lion Who Could Not Write”. Based on the famous children’s book by Martin Baltscheit, a colourful play was created with prominent actors such as Jesse Ritch in the leading role of the Lion, Lucas Fischer, Ronja Borer, Nina Burri and many more.

We are more than happy to support the fresh producer Tino Andrea Honegger with our broad PR, content production and media know-how. In addition to media relations, we also took on advertising and marketing measures such as the establishment of media partnerships with Schweizer Familie, FamilienSpick, Tagblatt der Stadt Zürich and Radio Zürisee. As content creators we also supervised the professional set and costume photo shoots and the shooting of exciting behind-the-scenes videos. Photo and video content, which we could in return use specifically in our media work.


Media work with a top cast 

After all, the Lion musical naturally also offered a potpourri of exciting storylines for media stories: On the one hand, we had Tino Andrea Honegger, a director and producer who, as a successful musical actor, started his very first production. The Migros Magazine especially liked that. And the creative team behind the musical also produced interesting personalities such as Katrin and Simone Baumberger: a pair of siblings who together created the stage set and all costumes ideal characters for media such as the St. Galler Tagblatt and Schweiz am Wochenende. Thanks to the prominent actors, we also placed exclusive stories about Jesse Ritch in Blick and in the Schweizer Illustrierte. The SRF stopped by during rehearsals for “Darf ich bitten?” and Glanz und Gloria came to the premiere to accompany the director, but also to capture the voices of the celebrity actors and celebrity guests.

Content Produktion Löwen-Musical im Rahmen der Medienarbeit
The cast of the lion musical professionally staged. © Thomas Buchwalder