In the summer of 2017 the Engadine Mountain Railways Corvatsch, Diavolezza and Lagalb merged under the joint umbrella brand Corvatsch AG. Prior to that, in 2016, the three companies were looking for a communication agency which would accompany the merger. We decided to take part in the pitch and were able to convince the client of our different but striking PR methods. Since then we have been in charge of the media and PR work including graphic work for the three popular Swiss mountains.


The new joint umbrella brand needed a completely new corporate identity and corporate design. For the creation of those, we relied on our speciality “storytelling” and made history. Underlying all stories are mythical creatures of all three mountains: Corvatsch means “the raven”, Diavolezza “the she-devil” and Lagalb “the white lake”. Together they represent the fabulous mountain world of the Upper Engadine. The three mythical creatures and their elements air, fire and water formed the central theme of the entire communication strategy. We created individual logos for all three mythical creatures – raven, she-devil and the white lake. The three stand-alone logos can also be combined to an umbrella logo.  As a result, we have created a strong brand with a consistent CI/CD that can be extended at any time. 

As part of the rebranding we are continuously expanding the fabulous world filled with unique experiences on top of the mountains. At the end of 2018 we redesigned the souvenir shop of the mountain station on Corvatsch at 3303 metres above sea level. The new “Sky Shop” including a kiosk was thus perfectly integrated into the CI/CD of the fabulous mountain world.

Der neue Sky Shop auf dem Corvatsch auf 3303 Metern über Meer im von uns designten CI/CD der fabelhaften Bergwelt.
The new Sky Shop on Corvatsch at 3303 meters above sea level in the CI/CD of the fabulous mountain world designed by us.


Launch event “Fabulous Mountain World”

To launch the new corporate design we planned and carried out an event for partners and media. The aim of the event was to present the new joint umbrella brand incl. CI/CD and the new logos in a spectacular and unforgettable way. Of course, the three mythical creatures and the corresponding elements had to be a central theme throughout the launch. Thus each logo was delivered by a special and matching “ambassador”: Corvatsch flew from the sky with a paraglider, Diavolezza came out of the fire embodied by a burlesque dancer and Lagalb was created out of a block of ice with a chainsaw. And naturally, the culinary part of the event matched the three elements too. The launch event in combination with the rebranding and the regional and national media coverage helped the “fabulous mountain world of the Upper Engadine” to gain national recognition. 


Season openings with VIPs and Safe Selfie Point

For the opening of the 2017 winter season we created cheeky PR stunts for each of the three mountains. We took care of the event organisation, media work and content production regarding all three happenings. On Corvatsch we had Vincent Raven baptize his young raven by the name “Arthur” – and we also let him read of some guests. On the Diavolezza at almost 3’000 meters we staged Swiss contortionist Nina Burri as a seductive she-devil. And because Lagalb has one of the steepest black slopes in the world, we came up with something very special for this particular mountain: the first Safe Selfie Station worldwide. We designed the round balcony with metal railings ourselves and had it installed at 3’000 meters in deep snow. That way we gave the winter sportsmen and women a secure place where they could take their time to photograph the unique mountain scenery or send a selfie to their family, and all this without endangering themselves or other people. The Safe Selfie Point was inaugurated by SRF presenter and former ski instructor Salar Bahrampoori. No wonder that this story caused numerous reactions even on an international level. 

Selfie Point auf der Lagalb
As a PR stunt we created the world’s first Safe Selfie Point on the Lagalb, where the the steepest black run in the world.


Media trips

In order to showcase the beauty of the fabulous mountain world to national and international media and to increase the awareness of the three mountains beyond the Swiss borders, we regularly organize media and content production trips all year round as part of our scope of work for the Corvatsch AG. In winter 2017, for example, we showed the media the icy beauty of the Upper Engadine. The following year we organized a food trip in collaboration with another client of ours, the Engadin St. Moritz Mountains AG. Together with the journalists we discovered the culinary diversity along the ski slopes; and this goes far beyond schnitzel with chips.

Gruppenbild Medienreise auf der Piste
Group picture of the media trip in the middle of the mountain world of the Upper Engadine.