SunIce Festival St. Moritz


Media work for festivals is always exciting. And clients who want to make a difference and have a vision are particularly inspiring for us. Loris and Quirin Moser are two students who want to bring a fresh breeze to their home town of St. Moritz. Instead of Alpine silence, a lifestyle experience as part of a festival on Salastrains is intended to attract younger audiences again.

Their idea met with open ears not only in St. Moritz. We support the two young entrepreneurs and their team in the media work around the new SunIce Festival St. Moritz, which excelled with international DJ acts like Diablo, Alan Walker, Lost Frequencies or Charlotte in the line-up. In addition, winter activities such as skiing, e-snowmobile cruising, paragliding or hang-gliding were on the agenda of the first SunIce Festival. A unique combination, which the two explained in the program Top Talk together with their vision for St. Moritz. Even the German lifestyle show Taff, which can be seen daily on Pro7, was ready to accompany the big event from 13 to 15 March 2020.

Due to the ban on major events as part of the Corona crisis, the festival had to be postponed until 2021. We are already looking forward to supporting the festival newcomer again with our media work.

Medienarbeit und Content Produktion mit Influencern SunIce Festival St. Moritz
Media relations and content production with influencers for to the SunIce Festival St. Moritz.