Since 2018 we have been taking over the Media relations for the Swiss watch brand traser swiss H3 watches. The watches of the Bernese watch company are developed and manufactured in Niederwangen. And they have a unique feature: permanent and constant readability of the time display in darkness and in poor visibility conditions. The reason for this is the specially developed trigalight self-luminous tubes. These require no external energy supply and shine day and night with unchanged luminescence for ten years. 

As part of the media work for the Swiss watch brand traser, we continuously inform the editorial offices about new collections. In this way, we continuously track down media stories for our clients in all language regions. We also support journalists at trade fairs, such as the Baselworld. In 2019, we were able to present the world’s brightest self-luminous watch, the traser T1000, at the watch and jewellery fair. Around this record we placed numerous reports in national and international media. We also work for traser with selected ambassadors and influencers.

Medienarbeit Uhrenmarke traser mit der P68 Pathfinder GMT Grün
The traser P68 Pathfinder GMT in green not only shows the time in two different time zones, but also functions as a compass.