SWISS-MOTO is the largest motorcycle fair in Switzerland and is considered the meeting place for the motorcycle industry. Since 2014, we have been supporting the fair in basic communication and every year we create exciting stories regarding the exhibitors and the highlights that await visitors at the fair. In order to generate additional attention for the SWISS MOTO in the forefront, we track down individual stories about the highlights of the exhibition and the exhibitors, which we offer to the media in a customized way. During the exhibition we look after the media present and ensure that no desires remain unfulfilled.

Thanks to major national, regional and local stories on television, radio, print and also online, SWISS-MOTO is now known to the general public and has also made a name for itself outside the motorcycle industry. With the help of various PR measures, SWISS-MOTO has consolidated its position as the largest Swiss motorcycle exhibition and has long since become more than just a trade fair for lovers of motorized two-wheelers.

Medienarbeit Motorradmesse SWISS-MOTO
The hottest bikes are shown every year at the SWISS CUSTOM, the customizing and tuning show integrated into SWISS MOTO in Zurich.


World record with Freddy Nock

Swiss extreme sportsman Freddy Nock set a new world record at the SWISS-MOTO 2014. Seven motorcycles were to circle simultaneously in a small steel ball, the so-called “death ball”. As part of our media work, we turned the world record attempt into a reality spectacle. This has given the SWISS-MOTO a media presence in regional, national and international media. Through a media appeal and a public casting, we sought laymen. They were to be sent into the death orb together with the extreme sportsman in order to set the world record. The chosen ones trained for two months with another of our clients, the Tägipark shopping centre in Wettingen. Under constant supervision by Freddy Nock. The result was a constant coverage of the world record attempt for three months in regional, national and even international media. And to the delight of all who followed the preparations: on February 20, 2014, the team broke the world record with Freddy Nock at the SWISS MOTO!

Medienarbeit SWISS-MOTO Weltrekord Freddy Nock 2014
Freddy Nock tried a new world record in the “death ball” at the SWISS MOTO 2014.