In spring 2019, we had the pleasure of accompanying the Criterion Festival at the Messe Zurich. The festival took place for the second time and is a platform for future-oriented creators from gastronomy, agriculture, living, fashion, art and mobility. Criterion invites you to test, taste, demonstrate, marvel and listen, and above all it offers plenty of space for your own ideas. The Criterion Festival featured 250 exhibitors who showed how the future works. In various case studies, from “Cook & Share”, “Live & Rest” to “Care & Wear”, as well as workshops and panel discussions, visitors were able to immerse themselves in different worlds and experience their new and unique features for themselves.

We were able to support Criterion in communication and, thanks to media work, we were able to generate reports about the exciting exhibitors and the festival. Therefore we portrayed exhibitors who inspire and arouse curiosity with their innovative power, new approaches and creativity.

Medienarbeit Criterion Festival
Impression of the second edition of the Criterion Festival 2019.