Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority


Since 2015 Edelweiss, one of our long-time customers, has been flying to Las Vegas. In order to promote the new nonstop flight in Switzerland, we supported the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority, short LVCVA, with different PR services. The aim of our activities focused on educating Swiss people about the attractive US entertainment metropolis and inspire them to experience it themselves. Next to different PR measures, we were responsible for the event organisation of a unique themed party as well as designing a creative social media strategy.

“One night in Las Vegas”

With the help of a special themed party in the Club Aura in Zurich, Switzerland turned into Las Vegas for a night. That night was also the start of a series of many “One night in…” parties for further Edelweiss destinations. We took over the organization of an unforgettable event which caught the attention of the media and the public and positioned Las Vegas as an attractive holiday destination. Through one event Swiss people got to know the uniqueness of the popular US metropolis.

In order to draw the guest fully into the Las Vegas experience, we transformed the 200 square meter club to a second Las Vegas through videos and photos on a 360-degree screen. But the production of those videos was only one part of our job that night. We also ensured to have a true Las Vegas original on site: we hired the successful Emmy-nominated musician and entertainer Frankie Moreno as a main act. In addition to the content production and event management, we also took care of media work. We invited a selection of Swiss VIPs to increase media interest about the event.

As a highlight of the night, direct flights to Las Vegas were raffled off together with the media partners. And to wrap it all up and make that night unforgettable, we produced a storytelling video on site which both the media and our partners used for further promotion. As a result, we achieved a very wide media coverage prior to and after the event in regional and national print, online and radio media.

“Treasure hunt” – Social Media Campaign

But we did not stop there! To further attract attention to the new nonstop flight from Edelweiss to Las Vegas, we developed a social media strategy. The key to success for that was one of our particular strengths: storytelling – to be precise social media storytelling. What did this look like? In February 2015 we hid little Las Vegas signs in the middle of Zurich. Whoever found them could win Las Vegas goodie bags packed with flight and hotel vouchers. For the production of the social media content, the entire promotion was documented by a photographer and a camera team. Thanks to the broad media coverage in the run-up to the campaign and the large number of participants, the awareness for the holiday destination Las Vegas was increased. At the end, the need of both participants and the social media community for a holiday in “Sin City” was awakened.