Ferris Bühler


Stadtturmstrasse 8
CH-5400 Baden/Switzerland

+41 56 209 15 15


We turn the spotlight on you!

Ferris Bühler – Our PR Consultants

Since the year 2000 we’ve been turning the spotlight on our clients. And we provide them with a top-notch entourage so that they can really shine. The unique composition of our team ensures that everything goes smoothly on and off stage as well as backstage. Whereby we remain unobtrusively in the background. But we never miss the after-party!  


What we are very proud of: the great minds at our agency. We cast all of the members of our team according to their talents and we deploy them in line with their strengths. But they all have something in common – the passion to put our clients in the limelight.

Ferris Bühler

Founder and CEO

Larissa Eichin

Head of Creative & Content Production

Annina Steffen

Storytelling Manager

Christine Bohn

Event Manager

Céline Schleich

Text Manager

Elisabeth Zirk

Text Expert

Melina Baran

Storytelling Expert

Anastasiia Vollmar

Digital Marketing Manager

Olga Cudakova

Art Director and Branding Expert

Lupa Fina Jill

Agency-Dog / Professional Model / Queen of Relaxation