Ferris Bühler


Stadtturmstrasse 8
CH-5400 Baden/Switzerland

+41 56 209 15 15

Ideas. Content. Stories.



Our ideas are our main assets. Sometimes they are quite small and beautiful. And sometimes they are so huge that we can hardly believe it ourselves. Where do they come from and how? Anytime and everywhere. Because we invest our heart and soul in our clients, even after we have left the office and shut the door.


Everyone is clamouring for content. We deliver it. From the concept to the finished product. No matter what is required – text, photographs, videos, original quotes, events – we get everything done. What we cannot do? We are not so good at being ordinary…


Everything has a story. Every person, every product, every event. We find your story. And we tell it where it can be heard and seen: in local, regional, national and international media – in print, on the radio and the screen as well as online. As one of the leading PR agencies in the lifestyle, entertainment and tourism segment, that is our core business.


Of course, we are great at handling public relations. But our real strengths consist of our ideas and how we realise them. As an owner-managed communication agency, we have been creating stories since the year 2000. That is our true passion. We produce content. With a great deal of know-how and even more commitment. We communicate the content to the public. Because we know what the media want.


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Tuesday November 17th, 2020

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